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The best in rehabilitation treatments for orthopedic, neurological, cardio-respiratory, vascular (and many other) pathologies, guaranteed by an exceptionally advanced technological approach and backed by the support of a multi-specialized team who construct highly personalized rehabilitation programs to attain the best functional recoveries possible.

Rehabilitation goals

Our rehabilitation methods focus on the recovery of motor and functional abilities which have been reduced or lost due to disease or trauma. 

Also of great importance, is the maintenance and recovery of those functions that are weakened through chronic conditions or simply through the aging process itself. Such examples include arthritis, back pain, chronic and acute tendinitis, acute joint and muscular conditions, fractures and bruising, post-prosthetic rehabilitation, post-surgical pain, severe and degenerative neurological pathologies, and cardio-respiratory rehabilitation, which has proven highly effective in patients with cardiac and/or respiratory problems.

Rehabilitation is performed according to the patient’s needs as well as to the progress and evolution of the disease. Peculiar aspects of our rehabilitation possibilities are the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor, the vaginal rehabilitation and the dermatologic one. 

According to our operational protocol, the beginning of physiotherapeutic and rehabilitation treatments will take place only after a specialized medical evaluation of the patient. Periodic reevaluations and possible revisions of the therapeutic program will then be performed by the specialist.  

The package includes:

Initial Assessment

A physiatric medical examination to define the patient’s needs. We use the most performant and modern rehabilitation technologies (also tDCS) to treat different pathologies.  If needed we can also conduct nutritional examinations.

Rehabilitation Sessions

From 5 to 10 (or more) cognitive and motor rehabilitation sessions (in sequence), associated to the tDCS (duration: 1 and half hours).

Final Assessment

Final evaluation + possibility to continue the therapy from the patient’s home through telerehabilitation.

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We are a 35 year old group of Medical Institutes specializing in rehabilitation, healthcare, and diagnostics.

We stand apart by offering the highest level of professional quality in accurate and individualized care, tailor-made  for each patient. 

We have charming, modern, and highly advanced facilities for a relaxing and unique medical stay.

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