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We offer the most thorough medical examinations to unearth predominant diseases in their early stages of development, which is to say while they’re still capable of being cured. Our noninvasive “full check-up” examinations are comprised of the most specific and fine-tuned diagnostic tests for metabolic, cardiovascular and oncological diseases.

A Full Check-up for those who suffer from:

  • Cardiovascular diseases: ischaemic diseases, bleeding disorders and brain or marrow malformations (Magnetic Resonance)
  • Heart diseases, ischaemic diseases, valcular dilatation diseases and neoplastic diseases (ECG strain pattern, chest CT, Eco-Cardio-colour Doppler)
  • Arthery diseases of neck vessels, of toracic and amdominal Aorta, of pheripheric arteries (Ecocolordoppler, high definition CT)
  • Brain and marrow degenerative diseases (Risonanza Magnetica)
  • Bones and articulations degenerative diseases: knees, hips, shoulders, tendons, muscles, etc. – (Ultrasound scan, Magnetic Resonance)
  • Metabolic diseases – (blood and urines tests)

Neoplastic diseases:

  • Brain and marrow tumors – (Magnetic Resonance)
  • Neck tumors (thyroid, lymph node) – (Ultrasound scan, CT)
  • Pulmonary and mediastinum tumors – (CT)
  • Gastrointestinal tract tumors (stomac, liver, pancreas, colorectal) – (Ultrasound scan, gastroscopy, virtual colonoscopy with CT)
  • Urogenital system tumors (kidneys, bladder, prostate, testicles, uterus, ovaries, breasts) – (Ultrasound scan, Breasts tomosynthesis, PAP-Test, colposcopy)
  • Blood and blood-forming organs tumors – (blood chemistry tests, Ultrasound scan)
  • Skin tumors, melanoma – (Dematoscopy)

A full customization for a detailed diagnosis

Every “Full Check-Up” is customized according to the genetic, environmental and lifestyle predilections of each patient. 

As such, different medical evaluations or exams can be added and/or substituted according to a detailed analysis of each patient’s needs and requirements. 

At the end of the full check-up the patient will receive the complete list of the exam results, as well as a detailed report concerning any potential diseases or risk factors that need to be corrected.

In the event of a positive diagnosis we can provide patients with the necessary means for treatment.

The package includes:

Initial Assessment

Medical anamnesis to identify genetic, environmental and behavioral aspects that have the highest probability to give rise to diseases. A serie of morphologic and functional exams that will study the different systems of the body.

Rehabilitation Sessions

The full check-up (a sequence of pre-organized exams and nutritional evaluations) can be conducted in 2 or more days, according to the patient’s preferences.

Final Assessment

Final evaluation with therapeutic and nutritional recommendations.

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We are a 35 year old group of Medical Institutes specializing in rehabilitation, healthcare, and diagnostics.

We stand apart by offering the highest level of professional quality in accurate and individualized care, tailor-made  for each patient. 

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