No matter the level, sports performance doesn’t depend on individual physical training alone. The best performance results are accrued through a synergy of mind and body.  With today’s cutting-edge technology it’s possible to target specific areas of the brain and enhance individual physical abilities.

Rehabilitation and performance enhancement

Our institutes—certified by the FIMS (International Federation of Sports Medicine) with CCSM (Collaborating Center of Sports Medicine) recognition—go beyond simply using the most innovative diagnostic technologies to examine athletes’ health and physical efficacy.  We are able to provide not only care, but performance training for all individuals needing advanced rehabilitation or looking for performance enhancement. 

Treating an athlete is not like treating an ordinary patient.  This is why it’s essential that both the rehabilitation process and approaches to performance enhancement are individualized to take full advantage of the latest technology and technical expertise that’s currently available.   

A package for mental and physical stimulation:

Only by taking care of his body and his mind an athlete will be able to improve his performances, go beyond his limits and attain his professional goals. 

The transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a precious ally of the athletic preparation because, if used in a highly personalized training, it can enhance a person’s physical and mental capabilities. With this revolutionary technique the athlete can undertake a multidisciplinary and integrated path that will intensify his qualities and will enable him to attain his goals in terms of athletic performances and results. The stimulation will be ajusted according to the person’s training needs, in terms of rhythm, intensity and capacity.

The tDCS is a valuable support during training as well as during rehabilitation because it helps to improve:

strain resistance

muscular strenght

effort and after training recovery

concentration and focus ability

coordination abilities

anxiety and stress management

faster recovery during rehabilitation

The package includes:

Initial Assessment

A neuropsychological medical evaluation of the athlete’s characteristics (whether professional or amateur), is fundamental to define the most appropriate approach: an approach in line with the person’s psychophisical characteristics and with the sport he/she practices.

Rehabilitation Sessions

From 5 to 10 muscolar enhancement sessions associated to a specific cerebral stimulation (duration: 1 hour and half) + nutritional evalutation to define the best diet according to the practiced sport.

Final Assessment

Final evaluation + possibility of continuing the therapy from the athlete’s home through telerehabilitation.

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