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The state of the art in rehabilitation reflects the association of 3 key elements: the most innovative technologies, customized therapeutic protocols and highly specialized operators with lots of experience. 

These are 3 key elements in order for the rehabilitation therapy to be able to exploit the patient’s recovery potential to its maximum. 

Here you will find some of the technologies that we use for rehabilitating our patients. 


Alter-G® M320 consists in an anti-gravity treadmill developed by the NASA. By lightening the body up to 80% of its total weight, this treadmill enables patients and athletes to walk or run without loading their joints. 

Alter-G® allows the patients to: 

1. Recover stress fractures of bones subject to overuse;

2. Facilitate the recovery of gait control in patients suffering from neurological diseases (Stroke) with consequences on inferior limbs; 

3. Facilitate functional recovery of joints in patients undergoing reconstructive surgery on the lower limbs (hips or knees) 

4. Maintain an efficient muscular and articular capacity unloading a “suffering” joint; 

5. Facilitate an effective recovery after having suffered from a neurological problem. 

In short, Alter-G® is a very useful tool especially for inferior limbs, trunk and spinal column rehabilitation. It can, indeed, be very helpful also during the walking reeducation of an obese person since it helps preserving joints from the heavy weight. 


The Walker View technology is a high-tech treadmill that can simultaneously assess both the Gait Analysis and the Movement Analysis of all segments of the body. This happens in real time to immerse the guest in a virtual environment.  

The 3D camera in front of the patient is able to detect any single angular movement of the patient, with precision and reliability.  The 46-inch monitor positioned frontally on the Walker View system is nothing more than a digital mirror able to give the patient a powerful control feedback in a dynamic postural situation: a powerful mirror capable of digitizing the patient’s image and of turning it on all planes for a complete three-dimensional vision. This is a revolutionaty treadmill because its belt with load cell sensors allows the evaluation of the foot strike and gives the patient the possibility of correcting himself in real time, while he is walking or running. At the end of the test, the system automatically prints the Gait Analysis report. 

The detailed parametres issued by this technology enable a more objective monitoring of the patient’s improvements during his rehabilitation treatment. It appears therefore very useful for inferior limbs pathologies as well as for pathologies of the spinal column and the trunk such as fractures, traumas and surgeries after-effects. In these cases, the Walker View helps to slowly restart walking, by carefully controlling the loads. 


This last generation stabilometric platform is optimal for a gradual proprioceptive training with exercises on 2 feet or just on one foot. This exercise is particularly indicated for all those rehabilitation therapies that concern balance. It enables to control the truck during the proprioceptive exercise in an upright position as well as to check the pelvic part while seating. This technology is a thorough stabilometric (body sway assessment) system, both static and dynamic, extremely precise in its evaluations. Balance disorders usually depend on traumas, vascular or degenerative diseases or simply on a physiologic reduction of our ability to answer to the external environment. This is what happens in elderly people where the risk of falling down is always very high and sometimes with very severe consequences. The stabilometric exercise is able to rapidly and efficiently improve balance, lowering down the risk of falls.

This technology is also particularly efficient in: 

– the recovery of knees and ankles stability and motor control, after traumas or inferior limbs surgeries

– the improvement of the control of trunk and pelvis stabilizing muscles (in spine pathologies) with resulting pain reduction


Riablo is a latest generation machinery that, using inertial sensors and a pressure platform, is used to perform exercises with biofeedback to improve motor control and coordination.

Biofeedback training improves neuromuscular control, accelerates rehabilitation, facilitates patients in the recovery of a correct movement. Riablo can be used:

– on patients with neurologic disabilities

– on athletes who want to improve their performances

The neurological patient with Ictus, Parkinson or other pathologies, can do exercises for muscular reinforcement, balance control and functional movement recovery. 

Patients can be rehabilitated even from their own home, thanks to the innovative platform for remote controlled exercises.


Vibra is the new selective mechanical-sound wave system for a non-invasive treatment of muscular and neuro-muscular diseases. It is an innovative device that can produce vibrations of high therapeutic value that are able to induce adaptive responses of metabolic and neuro-physiological type in the neuro-muscular chain and in the myo-osteo-articular structures of the body.

Thanks to the changes induced by the use of particular frequencies, Vibra accelerates functional recovery by improving proprioception, muscle tone, endurance and muscle coordination. 

These vibrations at different frequences are very effective in the following types of rehabilitation: osteoarticular rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, pain management, physiotherapy, sports medicine, posturology, geriatrics, aesthetic medicine, and pelvic floor rehabilitation. 


Hydrokinetic therapy, or rehabilitation in water, is a special therapy, known since Roman times. Still used today, it is considered to be very effective and advantageous for the rehabilitation of different articular and functional problems caused by chronic and/or severe diseases. 

Since he can do the exercises in a much more “protected” environment, hydrokinetic therapy usually allows the patient to anticipate his rehabilitation sessions of at least two weeks.

Hydrokinetic therapy is useful in the postoperative recovery of shoulder, knee and hip surgery, after multiple traumas, on the spine in surgery or after application of peridural blocks for the maintenance of good functionality of the articular surfaces.

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