for a detailed and full check-up

A full and detailed check-up conducted with extremely sophisticated radiological and endoscopical technologies that assure an high level of diagnosis reducing the dosis of radiations as well as the unpleasantness felt by the patient. 


The GE CT Revolution takes just a few seconds to acquire the data of heart, lungs and other organs. Thanks to latest technology algorithms it is able to deliver extremely high quality images and to reduce the dosis of radiations up to 82%. 


This high field Magnetic Resonance (1,5 Tesla) has a very wide gantry and digitalized reels dedicated to each part of the body.  The result is more comfort for the patient, even oversize ones, and very high quality images that allow to analyze small pathologies like tumors. 


The Breast Tomosynthesis (also known as digital 3D breast mammography) is considered to be the best technology on the market fot the early diagnosis of breast tumor. From the dosimetric point of view, this technology can substitute a bidimensional digital mammography. 


Ecocolordoppler with Shear Wave technology: besides studying organs with the regular high resolution ultrasound (the arteries, the veins and the heart with the col colordoppler), this technology allows to perform the Elastosonography that, for some organs like liver, plays a key role in the anticipation of the diagnosis of important pathologies, avoiding most of times the need for biopsies. 


This colonoscopy is performed with CT and uses a particularly evolved software (CAD-Colon) which allows to tridimentionally reconstruct the big intestin and to identify, with absolute precision and in a non-invasive way, all the intestinal lesions, in particular the pre-tumoral and tumoral ones. 

The Cidimu Group

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Well-known at regional and national level for their cutting-edge technologies, the Cidimu Medical Institutes have been guaranteeing, for over 35 years, excellent services in the fields of diagnostics, rehabilitation and healthcare.

The highest level of professional quality in accurate and individualized care, tailor made for each patient.

Charming, modern and highly advanced facilities for a relaxing and unique medical stay.

Cutting-edge technologies assuring high quality services, minimum invasivity and rapid execution.


Centro Italiano di Diagnostica Medica Ultrasonica S.p.A.

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We are a 35 years old group of Medical Institutes specialized in rehabilitation, healthcare and diagnostics. 

We stand apart by offering the highest level of professional quality in accurate and individualized care, tailor-made for each patient. 

We have charming, modern, and highly advanced facilities for a relaxing and unique medical stay.

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