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The technologies used in our institutes take into consideration the different needs of a professional athlete, which are very different from the ones of amateurs as well as from the ones of  normal subjects.  In order to conduct an efficient and effective rehabilitation, or athletic performance enhancement, it is fundamental to know the personal goals of the athlete, as well as to have a developed know-how of the sport related pathologies, within the sport that he practices. 


Born in Italy, and now used worldwide, the Transcranial Electrical stimulation (tDCS) is a non-invasive, effective, painless, and without significant side effects, procedure that uses weak electrical currents (0,5 – 2 mA) to stimulate those specific parts of the brain that mediate the cognitive processes and modulate the motor functions. This brain stimulation is associated to the regular physical training of the athlete. 

tDCS can act directly on the fatigue management of the athlete, improving  the precision and quickness of his athletic gesture, as well as his post-performance fatigue and his overall recovery after an important event. Without a real alteration of the physical intrinsic level, tDCS enables the athlete to express himself at the maximum of his real physical and mental abilities.


Alter-G® M320 is an anti-gravity treadmill developed by the NASA. By lightening the body up to 80% of its total weight, this treadmill enables patients and athletes to walk or run without loading their joints. This technology enables to anticipate rehabilitation in patients who have suffered from injuries of the pelvis or lower limbs like fractures, contusions or muscular lesions. This results in a remarkable advantage in terms of duration and quality of the recovery, reducing the inactivity time of the athlete. 


The Walker View technology is a high-tech treadmill that can simultaneously assess both the Gait Analysis and the Movement Analysis of all segments of the body. This happens in real time to immerse the patient in a completely virtual environment.

The 3D camera, positioned in front of the patient, is able to detect any angular movement of the patient, with precision and reliability. The 46-inch monitor positioned frontally on the Walker View system is nothing more than a digital mirror able to give the patient a powerful control feedback in a dynamic postural situation: a powerful mirror capable of digitizing the patient’s image and of turning it on all planes for a complete three-dimensional vision. 

This is a revolutionaty treadmill because its belt with load cell sensors allows the evaluation of the foot strike and gives the patient the possibility of correcting himself in real time, while he is walking or running. It is a very useful technology for what it concerns the recovery of the athlete after inferior limbs, and trunk injuries. In these cases, the Walker View helps to slowly restart walking, by carefully controlling the loads. Moreover, it gives us objective evaluations before, during and after the rehabilitation path, allowing us to certify and quantify the effective improvements obtained. 


Riablo is a latest generation machinery that, using inertial sensors and a pressure platform, is used to perform exercises with biofeedback to improve motor control and coordination. Biofeedback training improves neuromuscular control, accelerates rehabilitation, facilitates patients in the recovery of a correct movement. Other than on patients with neurologic disabilities, Riablo is very effective on athletes who want to improve their performances. In order to attain a performance improvement, the athlete will be able to do exercises for the proprioceptivity, the motor control and the muscular reinforcement.


Hydrokinetic therapy, or rehabilitation in water, is a special therapy, known since Roman times. Still used today, it is considered to be very effective and advantageous for the rehabilitation of almost any district of the body.  Hydrokinetic therapy is useful in the postoperative recovery of shoulder, knee and hip surgery, after multiple traumas, on the spine in surgery or after application of peridural blocks for the maintenance of good functionality of the articular surfaces. Since he can do the exercises in a much more “protected” environment, hydrokinetic therapy usually allows the patient to anticipate his rehabilitation sessions of at least two weeks. 

A peculiarity of our terapeutic pool is the salty water at a temperature of 32°-34°C. This facilitates a low thermic dispersion during the exercise and has a miorelaxing effect.  This kind of rehabilitation in water is very useful also when, once the patient has healed, he steps into the advanced proprioceptive phase of muscular reinforcement and training. During this phase, in fact, we can significantly stimulate the cardio-circulatory system, introducing the recovery of the athletic gesture in the acquatic environment.  

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We are a 35 years old group of Medical Institutes specialized in rehabilitation, healthcare and diagnostics. 

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We have charming, modern, and highly advanced facilities for a relaxing and unique medical stay.

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