Piemonte and its beauty


A never ending discovery


Art & Culture

Inhabited since early historic times, Piemonte (from latin ad pedem montium) is a territory that offers its visitors the magic of discovering all sorts of artistic and cultural sites: the countless castles, royal palaces and Savoy hunting residences, the museums and the wide squares of Turin, first capital of Italy, the Medieval hamlets, rich in local history, that characterize most of this land. An endless number of cultural attractions and treasures, recognized and respected by the whole world but for many people still unknown. 

Food & Wine

We can talk about wines, from Barolo to Nebbiolo, without forgetting about Barbaresco. We can talk about cheese, from the alpine pasture toma to the unique Raschera. We can talk about white truffle, the one from Alba, Moncalvo her even Asti. We can talk about many other exquisitenesses like cold cuts meat or the Piemontese Fassona meat. But you will have to sit down at a table, in a family-run restaurant with some good wine in front of you, in order to gift yourself an authentic and traditional experience of what this endless patrimony has to offer.

Nature & Sports

Located in the North west part of Italy, between the Alps and the Mediterranean sea, Piemonte is an ideal place to practice any sport or outdoor activity in summer or in winter. Hiking, trekking, skiing, enjoying the perfume of the flowers in the spring and the charming colors of the fall reflecting on the vineyards of Langhe and Monferrato. Full of protected, and still unknown natural resources, Piedmont is a region that has been able to adapt to the needs of tourists, building professional facilities with an impeccable service.


Made in Italy, fashion, textiles, leather production, design…everything that has made Italy glorious and famous around the world is just at arm’s length from Piemonte and its capital, Turin.


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